Like Wizkid, Maheeda blasts Twitter fan

… Must you disgrace yourself, the fan asks

… You are another fool, Maheeda responds

Wizkid’s recent chiding of someone he believed criticized him wrongly on Twitter is still very fresh in people’s memories. People still recall very easily that one of their favourite musicians, the Star Boy himself, actually ‘arrogantly’ lashed a fan by calling him broke and poor and therefore not really qualified to set him on the right path.

There was no real backlash for Wiz however on his unsavoury comment. Even though some of his fans feel he shouldn’t have reacted by hitting below the belt, they still love him all the same. As a matter of fact, J. Martins, a senior colleague of his who waded into the issue and made uncomplimentary remarks about Wiz on it, was the one who lost face over it as he had to eat his words on it.

Reacting to Wiz’s reaction, he said it wasn’t right that a musician should lash out at his fans who buy his CDs as he is nothing without his fans so he shouldn’t feel too big because of the money he has made which he isn’t even guaranteed to still have a few years down the line.

Immediately, Wiz reacted to Martins comments, tweeting that he was disappointed in Martins and that he didn’t lash his fan but someone who erred. And just like Wizzy was very blunt in responding to a criticising fan on Twitter, Maheeda has also toed his path and unceremoniously blasted a fan who dared to point out the supposed error of her way in always posting semi-nude pictures of herself. In his tweet through the Twitter handle, @crizgold, the fan tweeted at Maheeda that “it’s a sin when you expose your body.

Won’t you be sexy if you come out decent? Must you disgrace yourself ?” In her reply however, Maheeda didn’t mince words. “Another fool. And who made you judge?” Maheeda has come under severe criticism in recent times for posting nude pictures and erotic videos of herself online.

The criticisms are severe because she is believed to be a born again Christian now so she isn’t expected to do such. Maheeda is however of the stance that God blessed her with a sexy body and so she should flaunt it.

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Posted on Sep 28, 2013